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Why Use iPhone 5S Today?

by John Smith
iPhone 5S unlimited data

Deciding which phone to buy is a challenging thing, especially in 2018 when you have a plethora of choices available. Considering the prices of the latest iPhone models, these phones are now a big investment. So what about those who want to enjoy these high-end features in a budget? If you’re looking for a cheap smartphone with a nice camera and a small screen, look no further than iPhone 5s. Though this phone is now 5 years old, it is still a better option in terms of price and some features. The phone was Apple’s 7th generation iPhone and it was a big hit at that time. However, if you are still wondering whether to buy it or not, read some of the reasons to buy the iPhone 5s:

  1. It Is Very Cheap

In 2013, when this phone was launched, it was very expensive and had a flagship price tag. Now it is cheaper than ever because there are so many more models available. The phone can’t be purchased directly from Apple, but you can easily get it from any mobile store. If you are tight on budget, you can get the 16 GB handset but if you want more storage, it is better to pay a few bucks and get the 32 GB one. At this price, it will give an amazing performance which can be compared to the Samsung Galaxy A3 which was launched in 2016.

  1. Unlimited Data

You can get iPhone 5s unlimited data at a really affordable price per month. Apple didn’t add 802.11ac networking to iPhone 5s but there is MIMO (Multiple in/out) that makes the 802.11n network improve its performance. The 4G LTE thus uses more places and more bands and is a good choice for heavy data users. If you are a very heavy data user, you can also buy the 30 GB package of data with unlimited texts and minutes, and that too at an affordable price. You can get iPhone 5s unlimited data at a good price from TeleChoice.

  1. iOS 10.3.3

You can upgrade your iPhone 5S and it gives an amazing performance on this software. We didn’t find any reason to upgrade it to iOS 11 as 10.3.3 already has fingerprint Touch ID detection, Siri and Apple Maps, lock screen widgets, and a new interface for Apple music.

  1. Amazing Performance

iPhone 5s is equipped with a 1.3 GHz dual-core A7 processor and 1 GB RAM. This is the same processor as is present in the iPad Mini 3. The performance is smooth and speedy and can easily run the complex apps and heavy games in a smooth way.

  1. Compact Design

The iPhone 5s has a super compact and stylish design and if you’re looking for a small phone, this is the best choice. It has a 4-inch display and weighs only 112 g which makes it very lightweight. Also, you can easily operate the phone with a single hand if you feel using both hands are a bit annoying. With its slim figure, it can easily fit into your pocket.

So, check out iPhone 5S unlimited data plans and save loads of money.

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