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13 Interesting Healthcare Facts and Stats You Should Know

by John Smith

Let’s have a look at some interesting healthcare stats.

  1. The number of Americans opting to enroll in the private healthcare setup instead of government run hospital setups has increased 12.8% to a staggering 34%. This shows the eagerness amongst the general population for a higher standard of healthcare and amounts will only increase as time passes.
  2. The number of uninsured Americans has dropped from 15.7% to 9.1%. This is one area where a lot of progress has been seen. Many Americans now prefer to be health insured due to a change in medical related legislations in president Obama’s times.
  3. Standard healthcare costs of patients who suffered from a heart attack estimates to a whooping twenty thousand dollars on average. This almost seems unbelievably affordable when considering treatment costs for a broken limb to be around sixteen thousand dollars.
  4. The anti-cancer drug Avastin costs a whooping three thousand nine thirty dollars ($3940) as compared to four hundred seventy dollars ($470) in the United Kingdom. Many blame the differing costs on the pharmaceutical companies who were unable to negotiate a reasonable price. This makes web DICOM viewer prices non-existent. Some viewers are actually free.
  5. Because of Administrative discrepancies, the United States spends around 8% of their healthcare budget on the Administrative sector. This is significantly higher when compared to other developed nations (1-3% maximum). That being said the United Sates could save an estimated $175 Billion by cutting down administrative costs and improving the efficiency of the sector by introducing automated systems.
  6. A major chunk of the American population thinks that their country doesn’t have the best and well developed healthcare system in the system. Even after all significant advances and researches, only 23% of the population agree that America has the best healthcare system in the world. 21% are undecided and the rest think other developed nations have a better healthcare set up than their home country.
  7. Americans pay a significantly higher amount of money for medical costs and insurance when compared to other developed nations. That being said, America has the highest mortality rates and worst healthcare prognosis based on the money being spent. The average life expectancy in America is 60 years.
  8. In 2018-2019, it is believed that employers and companies covered around 75% of their employees’ healthcare costs. This is considered as the highest perk of getting a good paying job in the United States.
  9. After its advent, the American healthcare industry was initially 24.7 billion dollars, now has increased its net worth to a whopping 3504 trillion dollars making it a multimillion dollar venture.
  10. Obesity seems to be a rising issue in the states, with a whopping 300,000 pre mature deaths per year. The state of Virginia has the highest number of obese people all across America.
  11. Around 1.4 million Americans opted to move abroad in search of cheaper medical care than their home country.
  12. More than 90% hospitals use some kind of web DICOM viewer. Most DICOM web viewers are paid, while only a few are free.
  13. That being said, if you are a doctor, then practicing in the U.S would be the best choice for you in terms of an attractive salary package and additional benefits.
  14. Around 4% of Americans reportedly went bankrupt in an attempt to cover the higher healthcare costs of medical care.

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