8 Online Marketing Mistakes Doctors Make


In medical marketing, doctors and practitioners make some serious mistakes which waste their resources. In order to avoid those mistakes, the following tips will help the medical professionals.

1. Not Defining Target Audience

This is one of the biggest mistakes doctors make nowadays. Without defining your target audience, you cannot achieve the desired results of your campaigns. That is why it is a fundamental principle to set your target in terms of the audience, reach them out through your campaigns and it will yield better results.

2. Website is Not Optimized

It has been noticed that medical websites are usually outdated, containing old themes, are not optimized, and cater no needs of the users. This is something which needs more focus. The website of doctors should be highly optimized to improve user experience, entertain patients and serve them to the fullest.

3. Not Asking for Patient Reviews

It is another blunder many doctors make when they do not ask for reviews from satisfied patients. User reviews can make or break your business. However, not having reviews is even worse. That is why the doctors need to put more focus on reviews, and encourage satisfied patients to leave their feedback.

4. Not Writing Blogs Regularly

Every website needs traffic and visitors on a regular basis otherwise it will affect the business and may slow it down. Blogs are a great when it comes to generating new customers. Writing 2-3 blogs every week is essential for medical professionals to maintain their website and patient base. You can choose medical related topics like what is medical imaging, bronchitis, asthma, hypertension, dementia and such.

Now, whenever someone would search terms like “what is medical imaging” or “DICOM viewer windows”, they might stumble up your blog if you’ve done good SEO.

5. Spending More on Management

Many experts believe it is marketing which needs more focus instead of management. This seems to be a good rule to generate users, and increase revenues in the medical profession. So the doctors also need to realize their mistake, change the focus and spend more on marketing than on the employees.

6. Betting on Facebook

This is one of the most common mistakes many doctors have made so far. Facebook is a great option for attracting people and targeting audience. But it should not be your sole target. Rather focus on SEO, other social media platforms and relevant channels.

7. Spending on Traditional Marketing

Medical professionals have benefited the most of technology. But sadly, doctors on an individual scale do not interact, use and adopt to new technologies. And when it comes to marketing, they still rely on the traditional, print media, ads and other options. They need to bring a transition and move to digital marketing.

8. Not Tracking Campaign Results

Lastly, this is also a mistake when you spend so much on the campaigns but ignore the results and statistics. Without monitoring or tracking campaigns, you cannot expect any better results. Use tools, apps and software in order to assess how your ads and campaigns are performing and where you should focus more.


There is no doubt that doctors make serious marketing mistakes like not optimizing the website, spending on management, not tracking campaigns, not encouraging patients for reviews and using traditional marketing options.

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