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5 Things About Baby Care Parents Get Wrong

by John Smith
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Having a baby, being a parent is the most joyous time of the world. but it’s a fulltime job as well. You don’t get breaks and you certainly don’t get to take a day off. There are many things that new parents aren’t aware when it comes to baby care. Read away to avoid making mistakes:

  1. Breast Feeding

Mother-feed is the best food, don’t let people tell you otherwise. Even if your baby doesn’t latch on keep trying. Breastfeeding for new mothers and new babies is like blind leading the blind. You both are new and you both are learning. Your patience will be tested here more than anywhere. If the baby doesn’t suck then squeeze the milk out and help him feed on that. Soon your baby will get the hang of it.

Also, do not let the nurses or anyone else give the baby anything other than breast milk. Breast milk is full of immune-boosting nutrients.  Studies have shown that the kids who have been nursed right are less likely to get antibiotics. you can also take the milk out by pumping machines and keep it for later feeding. If there is less breast-milk, you can then try formula likes HiPP Combiotic First Infant Milk Formula and others. Do thorough research first.

  1. Say NO to Visitors

It’s very important to bond with your new one, and it can’t be done with tons of people around. So, politely ask the people to visit later and bond with your newborn. New-born are very receptive during the initial hours. Cuddle him, keep him close and talk to him. He will love the sound of your voice as it will be familiar to him. Let daddy cuddle him too and watch as they bond. Also, the baby needs BCG shots as well and having visitors can make the baby sick before he has had his shots.

  1. Nursing Nest

It’s important to have a proper schedule as well as the proper place to nurse. Set up a corner with a rocking chair, an ottoman and plenty of pillows to support your back. Have a nursing pillow under your arm as well this will keep your arm from aching while you nurse the baby. Keep milk like HiPP Combiotic First Infant Milk or HiPP organic formula, water and snack handy to munch on. Relax read a book or watch tv to keep yourself alert.

  1. Umbilical Cord

This is the most important organ. This little cord kept your baby fed throughout the pregnancy. After the delivery, a tiny piece is left at the belly button. This will dry and fall out in its own but there are still some care measures that are taken. Keeping it dry, bathing is alright as long as you let it dry properly afterward. Make sure that it’s out of the diaper as well, tucking it in the diaper can trap-in moisture which can result in infection. If your baby is feverish and if there is swelling or redness around the cord, see the baby’s doctor as soon as possible.

  1. Bathing

It’s alright if you don’t bathe your baby for the first week of his life. The milky white covering on his body, called “vernix caseosa”, fights bacteria and keeps the baby moisturized as well. This sheds off within a week or 10 days. After that, you can bathe your baby with mild baby products and water.

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