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Why Should You Use Medical Image Cloud Storage?

by John Smith

We are in a digitized world of medical technology. From the pathological test to radiological imaging, everything is changing to digital files and images. No wonder they are convenient; however; it comes with a dilemma too. Where can we archive these images securely? The answer is medical image cloud storage.

Why is medical image cloud storage safe and secure?

 Unlike regular cloud storages, medical image storages have multi-layer security and authentication system. Thus, it will prevent any unauthorized access and keep your data private.


Furthermore, sharing data through a medical image cloud require appropriate credentials. Therefore, only the relevant person can access and view the images and data.

Medical image storages comply with HIPAA and GRDP guidelines. It ensures legal jurisdiction over the medical image management. 

Which tools should include in medical image storage?


Cloud Storage

Medical images come as massive-sized files. Therefore archiving them can be a great challenge for any medical facility. If the image storage has cloud solutions with a free cloud storage, that will save a lot of extra spending.

Moreover, the cloud facility will also improve access and recovery of data. Extensive medical facilities can increase the archiving efficiency by bridging between cloud and onsite data storage.

Medical Image sharing System

Hospitals and clinics used to share image files in CD and DVDs’. Nevertheless, there was no back up if you somehow lost or damaged them.

No one has to face these issues if the storage comes with electronic image sharing. Patients and health professional can easily upload, store, and share images within a few seconds. This feature will also ensure remote access.  

Health Record of Patients


It is quite frustrating for patients if they cannot access their medical records. Thus, it will be a great comfort for them if the storage provides access to personal health records. Upon setting up an account, patients can upload and view any images.

They can also share those images with specialists for better advice and treatment. Furthermore, things will be more convenient if the records can be accessed from handheld devices.

Mobile Viewer

Data display and sharing is fitting into handheld devices. This feature is not only making easy viewing but also allowing a quick response. If a doctor receives an image after hours, he/she do not have to rush to the office to make an initial diagnostic. A mobile viewing option will allow the doctor to assess the comfort of home.

The best thing is the patient does not have to wait for long hours to hear from the doctor. How convenient is that?

Which companies provide the best medical cloud storage?


Medical cloud storage market experienced a massive boom in the last decade. Development of cloud-based technology created an enormous number of features for safe and secure image archiving.

We have tailored a list of market leaders for your image archiving solution. Pick any and experience stress-free storage management.

  • boxDICOM
  • postDICOM
  • Huawei Cloud
  • Ambra Imaging
  • Iron Mountain Cloud Storage

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