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How Does Distance Energy Healing Works?

by John Smith
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Distance energy healing – as the name indicates, the healing energy received by one who is residing at a vast distance from the healer itself.

Is It Real?

This probably is the question that haunts majority of the minds out there. But the real answer to this is all fixed with a certain probability. Some call it consciousness, others call it “relieved from the under-weather curse” while a few call it “distant healing”. Distance energy healing goes beyond the concepts of physics, medical arts and laws of the universe. It argues that time is not confined or better yet, it is an illusion. The healers travel through this illusion and connect with a “healee” in a whole new realm or better yet a level.

How Does It Work?

Distant healing works by a simple form of communication. You don’t need to show your physical form to the healer or in other words, face-time him/her. All you have to do is contact them via phone and explain to them your situation. They might ask a few questions so as to understand your predicament a bit better. But other than that, they’ll probably tell you to relax and work on your body.

  • They will try to connect with you from a new dimension. They will connect with you by connecting to your conscious or emotional state. For such reasons, they don’t need a picture or your appearance. They can simply connect to your pain and find you easily.
  • By transferring their energies to you, you will experience some sensations in your body and you will automatically feel better. These sensations are actually their healing energies.


Let us give you an example. Sometimes, when you’re deeply stressed or in very depressing form, you reach out to someone. There’s usually a person we all reach out to when in trouble. Could be your parents, or friends or spouse or anybody in general. Once you hear that particular someone’s voice, you instantly calm down or start feeling relaxed after a deep-felt conversation with him/her. When you put down the phone, you feel much better and rejuvenated as compared to before. This is exactly how distance energy healing works, one conversation is all it takes for the healer to penetrate your mind and body squeezing her/himself into your world and taking care of whatever is bothering you.

Science and Distant Healing

You can probably guess by now that science doesn’t exactly agree with this form of healing. Quite frankly, not a lot of people would. Because then questions arise, like why indulge in medical fields when you have such powers or why bothering studying every nook and corner of the treatments present when in the end, it’s all simple chakra or manna or energy. While all these questions are plausible, keep in mind that not everything is explainable either. There are many things going around in the atoms or quantum which the physicists or scientists cannot explain. But it is still happening. Phenomena like distance energy healing require an open mind. If you don’t open up and indulge with your conscious then you will never be able to experience it or believe it.

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