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5 Ways You Can Increase Your Business App’s User Retention

by John Smith
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A lot of research is being done by app development services in this regard. The main reason being the shorter attention spans of millennials. Sadly, millennials want to do more things in fewer times and this makes them unfocused. From a business owner’s perspective, this behavior is dangerous as this decreases a user’s retention rate.

The problem doesn’t only lie with bad applications. Your software application might be splendid but a lot of people tend to lose focus.

Let’s look at the ways of increasing user retention rate.

1. Push Notifications

Sometimes people install an app and they love it. With the passage of time, they use it less and less till their interest shifts to other apps.

A push notification makes the user visit the app and let them know what they have been missing. Experiments show that the use of push notifications can increase user retention level, anywhere from 56% – 180%. People who received push notifications display 88% higher app engagement than those who do not receive push notifications.

2. Gamification

Gamification is the use of game design elements in non-game contexts. Upon making a profile on LinkedIn, you often observe a sidebar, displaying your progress out of 100. As you fill out the details, the bar gets filled, giving the user, a fallacy of satisfaction.

The user feels good that he is completing a certain objective. As the objective comes near to fulfillment, the user increases his efforts and all his efforts help you make money.

3. Enabling Feedback Option

People like to be heard. Let your app be the platform which takes input from the users. People will feel appreciated while you will receive your due retention rate.

App development services recommend enabling the option of receiving feedback, as it awards your business with valuable suggestions, which help improve your business.

4. Reward Programs

A lot of app development services recommend reward and loyalty programs. These are awesome due to 2 reasons:

  1. People love it when you, as a business, give them something for free
  2. The time they spend on your app, playing a game to earn virtual coins or daily lucky draws, you will gain money from advertisement revenue

5. Mobile Personalization

All humans are not equal. Some are fans of soccer while others like football. Some are vegetarians while others are omnivores.

From a psychology point of view, a person will spend time on a thing which makes him feel good about himself. Using data from analytics, pop quizzes and surveys, what if you could show individual users highly personalized content? This would connect them to the brand, on a deeper scale.

Popular mobile personalization techniques include using the name of a user and displaying relevant information, hobbies, and interests, which would increase his/her interest. Using simple AI and data analytics, you can know the personality type of an individual and the things he likes to keep his interest alive in your business application.

NOTE: Use mobile personalization in limits, as opposing effects include a user getting frustrated with the verbosity of irrelevant information.

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