4 Of The Best Bumper Guards Around

The safety of your car’s front and the rear end is always at risk. You may be perfect on the road but you are never quite safe. You may even hit the pavement during parking or someone may even hit from behind when they are parking. Because of this bumper guards are used to limit and in some cases even prevent damages. There are a lot of bumper guards around in the market. Making the right choices when it comes to this is your prerogative. So what are thebest bumper guards on the market? Well, here are my top choices for bumper guards. From my point of view, these are some of the best if not the best in the market. 

Eyourlife Front Bull Bar Bumper Guard

So this is a versatile bumper guard that goes on the front. While it is best for SUVs you can use it any truck, car or vehicle. This is because it is a universal fit bumper guard. There is a special mounting bracket that allows you to install the bumper guard on the front license quite easily. It also comes with a LED work light function which is pretty useful when dark. You can even add more LEDs to it if you want. So because it is this versatile it makes it in the list of the best bumper guards around.

TAC 3″ Bull Bar Front Bumper Grille Guard

Another SUV bumper guard entry. The TAC 3″ Bull Bar Front Bumper Grille Guard fits cars like the Ford F150, Expedition, etc. with ease. This is a sturdy piece of the body part and provides protection from several impacts on the road. The bumper guard is made up of high-quality industrial grade material which is why it’s so durable. This is a direct bolt-on bumper guard so it is pretty easy to install. You can install the part yourself but I would advise against it if you don’t have expertise on the matter. 

BumpShox XL – Front Car Bumper Protection

This is one of the if not the best license plate bumper guards around. This provides more safety than any other license plate bumper guard so there is no need to worry about scratches and dents. It employs a pyramid design with a wide construction. This allows it to provide protection for almost every type of car imaginable. It even has recessed screw designs that make sure that it doesn’t scratch other cars if hit. It is made up of steel foam which is almost an indestructible material. So you see this is a quality product and one of the best in the market. 

GOLD EDITION Bumper Bully Extreme

Rear end collisions are the most frequently occurring collisions in cars. These are usually low-speed collisions and most of the time one party is always stationary. One of the best rear bumper guards around is the GOLD EDITION Bumper Bully Extreme. It is made out of high-quality PVC-free plastic and is pretty durable. On top of that, it is scratch resistant. 

One of the largest bumper guards around it is one of the best in the market for its damage prevention and limiting capabilities. It has high-intensity reflectors which makes it easy to spot your car in low visibility situations. It comes equipped with steel reinforced straps. This makes it even more durable and very reliable when you are out on the road. 

Finding The Right One

So there you go, these are the 4 best bumper guards around. While these are amazing, they are not the only ones in the market. Before you buy one for replacement or adding a new one. Make sure you do ample research to find the best one that fits your need. And if you can then install it on your own. However, if you aren’t confident in your ability then you can ask the help of a professional. Just make the decision that suits you.

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