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How to Fix Camshaft Position Sensor?

by John Smith

The camshaft sensor performs an important task and it sends the rotation details to the computer system in the vehicle. When it runs out of order, engine may not start. Following are tips to fix the camshaft position sensor or replace it with the new one.

When to Replace a Camshaft Sensor

Following are some signs of a failing or bad camshaft sensor which show that you to perform camshaft position sensor replacement.

  1. In fuel vehicles, it can lock the transmission in one gear and it prompts the drivers to restart the engine. 
  2. During driving, you will feel the car is jerking and it happens when the camshaft sensor is not performing its job well.
  3. The drivers will see the engine stall intermittently.
  4. Engine performance is not up to the mark with issues like poor acceleration, bad start and others.
  5. In some car models, this also prevents ignition and the engine will ultimately not turn on.

What Goes Wrong?

The experts report that small wires are present inside the sensors. These wires provide electrical supply to the sensor and make it run. When these wires are broken, damaged and cannot provide supply to the sensor, it does not work and fails to read the rotations. The wires are damaged for various reasons so you have to fix this issue or replace them with new set of wires. 

Repairing a Camshaft Sensor

The steps to fix or replace the camshaft sensor are given below.

  1. The first step is to locate where the camshaft sensor is located in your vehicles. Its position may change in various models but you will easily find it near the crankshaft sensor.
  2. When you have located it, you will have to remove certain parts or components in order to get access to the camshaft sensor. Remove all these parts.
  3. In this step, you will disconnect the sensor from the electrical supply. It has two ends which provide it electricity to keep performing. Remove these with care.
  4. Now you will remove the bolts of the sensor to make it clear.
  5. When you have removed the old sensor, you can replace it with the new one. Make sure you connect it the same way as was connected the old sensor. Check it and ensure that it is working.

Is It Okay to Drive with Bad Camshaft Position Sensor?

Many people ask if they should drive the vehicles when the sensor is bad or failed. Mechanics and auto experts believe the vehicle will keep working even when the camshaft sensor has failed. However, the drivers will notice the vehicle having jerks. It also affects the fuel economy of the vehicle and it may not perform well.

So the car owners should take the issue seriously and bring the vehicle to the mechanic to get the issue fixed. Driving with the bad sensor should be avoided as it will consume more fuel and have bad performance.


Camshaft sensor may fail due to various reasons. For camshaft position sensor replacement, you should locate the sensor, remove the parts and get access to the sensor to repair or replace it.

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