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8 BMW Repairs You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

by Adrianna Rolfson

Many people try to repair the smaller issues of their cars on their own. However, for a BMW car, you have to be careful. Following are some repairs you should not do yourself.

1. Auto Body Work

The paint of the auto body is the most complex thing which only experts can do. Driver should know this is not something they can do at home. They should avoid painting their BMW car otherwise it will lead to serious issues like dents and spots.

2. Replacing the Windshield of Your BMW

A lot of people are so confident in their skills that they start replacing the windshield without any prior experience – even if they do not have the required equipment needed for this purpose. It can be more problematic if you replace the windshield at home. Get it done from the mechanics only. You can, however, look for discount BMW parts for affordable windshield and other parts.

3. Computer System Repairs

The experts believe that in BMW models, the technical works should be done by the experts. Car owners should not take such serious things in their hands. Electronic or computer system repairs are also very technical which you should not do yourself. Get special help for this work.

4. Tweaking the AC

Sometimes, the air conditioner fails working. Drivers or car owners have a little experience of how the car’s air conditioner work but they start repairing them. In such cases, they end up in failure and the issue becomes more serious. That is why you should avoid taking such things in your hands. 

5. Serious Engine Work 

Engine is probably the most intensive and important part of a vehicle. It may have issues. But you should not start doing it yourself. Engine may have a serious issue which you cannot understand. If you try it yourself, you may make things worse. Always bring your BMW to a reputable mechanic.

6. Transmission Maintenance

Here is another thing which BMW owners should never do at home. Transmission can be a problem in your car but it does not mean you start repairing it without any prior experience. It needs technical skills and only the mechanics can repair such car problems. 

7. Repairing Timing Belt

Timing belt is another important part of the cars. After driving the car for 60,000 to 70,000 miles the timing belt may have issues. But it does not mean any person should repair it at home. This calls for the technical assistance and professional experience to fix such problems. 

8. Alignment Works 

A lot of videos are available on the internet and YouTube that guide the people how they can set the car alignment. Users watch videos and start aligning their wheels and even rotate them. This can be seriously dangerous as you have no experience of it and it can lead to car accidents. 


BMW car owners should not fix all the car issues at home. You can buy discount BMW parts from your favorite store, but leave the installation part to experts.

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