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How to Clean Your Car’s AC Evaporator?

by John Smith

Many people complain about the air conditioner problems in their cars. It happens due to multiple reasons. However, evaporator is also a reason for which the AC stops working. So here is the guide to clean the AC evaporator in your car AC.

1. Inspect the AC System

In order to start with the cleaning of the AC Evaporator in your cars, you will have to inspect it carefully. Mechanics report that the inside of the cars contains more pollutants and dirt than the exterior. For this reason, air conditioners often get out of order.

All you have to do here is to locate the heater box of the air conditioner. It is easy to find the heater box which is made of plastic and may have a color. Inspect this box and see if there is dirt and dust. 

2. Access the Evaporator Core

Now you have to access the evaporator core which has the main purpose in this regard. It will be cleaned in order to keep the air conditioner in the best working condition. A resistor block is mounted on the top of the heater box. You may also need to access the blower fan here. You should access the evaporator core anyway. And if none of the tricks works, you should drill a hole that can be fixed later.

3. Spray the Cleaner

Here the evaporator core will be cleaned with the help of a spray cleaner. In markets, the cleaners are available and they contain foam which is very helpful to clean the air conditioner evaporators. Spray the cleaner through the access point and let it sit. You should wait for half an hour. It will turn into liquid and the evaporator core will be cleaned when it turns into the liquid. 

4. Lightly Rinse with Water

You should rinse it with a light garden hose. It is a very tricky job and you may end up spraying the water inside the car. So you should have a helper for this purpose. Make sure it’s cleaned carefully so that it remains working. You can also use something like air conditioner coil cleaner. In case, you are not comfortable with all this, you should get help from mechanics and take the car to the shop. The mechanic will fix the issue for you and it will be done in the best way.

5. Seal the Heater Box

Now you are done with cleaning the evaporator of the car AC. You should seal the heater box. As you removed the resistor block, you should put it back. And if you also removed the blower fan, it should also be fixed. Many people also make a hole for access. RTV silicon is used when it comes to filling the holes and keeping them intact. Now you can turn on the vehicle with the heater set to hot. 


Air conditioners get out of order due to bad evaporators. So the car owners should clean the AC evaporator with air conditioner coil cleaner and others in order to maintain the performance of the air conditioner. Cleaning it is an easy job.

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