Tips to Choose the Best File Format from JPG, PNG & PDF


Images have numerous shapes plus sizes that each of image formats comes with its specific strong and weak points. Every format has not designed to complete the same job. Among the different formats, JPG and PNG are the most common and most confusing ones.

So, we’re going to breakdown with a comparison of these two along with PDF. Also, you’ll know the process of converting images from and to other formats. Moreover, you’ll know which file format is the best fit for you in a wide range of apps. So, simply dive in so that you can discover the premium file format for your project.


This image file format has developed by “Joint Photographic Expert Group” where the file name has come from. JPG is also known as JPEG and they’re the same thing according to their functionality.

In the earlier days of the invention of the computer, the file types were limited to 3 digits. But, it has converted into JPEG and become common in many ways. This format can minimize the size of your files when converting using JPG to PDF free or paid tool.


The short form of PNG (Portable Network Graphics), it makes the optimization of your graphics image. These include logos, graphs, and text. But, it’s very easy to save your photograph when you make into PNG format. In this format, you’ll get the higher image quality than the JPG/JPEG format.

It’s because this file format doesn’t intend to reduce file size, so it keeps the details of the image. Also, this type of file undergoes a unique file type of compression and it reduces the size of your file. But, it doesn’t reduce the file size like the JPG format.


This is a special type of file format that has discussed very little while measuring options for your image files. But, sometimes you need to convert PDF file from and to JPG or PNG formats. When it comes to the PDF, it’s the file format that’s the standard of sharing documents and it is comparatively handy to edit pdf online free.

It makes the same copy of your file that you like to make duplicate along with images. If you’re not able to use a file in PDF, then you can use it for storing and emailing. As it serves a copy of your original image, PDF files seem like the original photograph or design.

Comparison of JPG, PNG & PDF

If you’re still not in doubt which one is the best format for image between JPG, PNG, and PDF, let’s know more about them. When you’re an online activist or blogger then JPG image format is suitable for you to post them online. Also, this is excellent for emailing to your clients and print media.

But, PNG files are great for logos, web graphics, and graphs. You can shrink them into very smaller sized files, but there is a limitation of color and some elements. Besides, PDF image files are great for posters, flyers, and graphics designing.

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