When To Replace Your Smartphone

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You will see a better smartphone with new features every other month. You can already imagine by the launch of iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in such a shorter period of time. So you cannot depend on new launches for getting a new phone unless you are having unlimited money in your bank account every time, chuckles!

Many people keep the same phone for a year or two while some want to buy a new one after eight to ten months, it is just about the preferences. But there is a time when you really need to replace your smartphone and have to buy phone outright. Let’s see what that time looks like!

  1. Your Phone Hangs A Lot

Some ((entry level) phones hang a lot by default even when they are new but there is a time when this hanging period elongates to the edge of your irritation point and you just want to throw your phone out of the window. Wuhh, I can feel this pain as I had been the victim of this situation lately. Don’t wait for panic attacks to greet you, just change your phone and take a sigh of relief like me.

  1. Slow Downloading

When your phone takes a whole life to download a 10 MB file or a 2 MB image, the time is here to change it (your data plan too). You may also face it in case of updated software when it is taking very long and still downloading gets failed.

  1. Battery Life Shortening

When your battery doesn’t stay your side and dies in a few hours even with a full charge then the funeral is near. Replace it with a new one before it gets too late.

  1. Betrayal from Your Touch Screen

Yes, when your very own touchscreen refuses to recognize your touch, you are for sure getting betrayed very soon (et tu, Brute!). This may happen either with unlocking your phone or using any of the applications on your phone.

  1. Shutting Down and Restarting Itself

It is a sure alarming situation to replace your smartphone when it is shutting down and restarting on its own. You are at a high chance of losing your data as well in this condition. So, better safe than sorry. Well, a chance of ghost is there too, just check around.

  1. Apps Crashing

When your operating system gets un-stabled, all your current apps may start crashing. Again, you are at risk of losing your data. This usually happens after several software updates and time intervals. If it is happening again and again then it’s time to rush to buy a phone outright without any contracts. But choosing one of the best phone plans Australia is important in order to minimize your communication cost.

  1. Over Heating of Phone

When your phone is getting overheated, even when you are not using it more than you can surely say that your phone is about to die. Also, some risk factors are involved in this situation as it may explode so take it seriously and don’t wait further and buy phone outright.

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