Practical Tips On How To Know If Someone Likes You

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We are humans. We eat – we drink – we party and between these moments of life, we fancy someone.

The question is, how to know if someone likes you?

Don’t worry, read the following article.

1) Maintaining Eye Contact

If people like someone, they will try to maintain an eye contact. They will invest their focus on a person’s body, sometimes looking directly in the eye and sometimes to other body parts, giving an impression that they are attentive towards you.

Also, direct eye contact releases a hormone known as oxytocin, which makes one feel that he is connected to the other person.

2) Asking Questions

How to know if someone likes you? – One method to find out is that the other person will ask questions. This is done in order to get to know the other person.

If you are wondering if the other person likes you or not, ask yourself:

Has the other person asked anything from you? It could be anything. Casual talk – life advice – food opinion. Asking a question from someone makes someone feel special because the other party is spending his/her time on the person in the form of asking questions.

3) Copy of Body Language

This is known as mirroring. If you are talking with someone and you fold your arms, if the other person too, folds his arms, it means the other person is mirroring you.

The other person is not doing this deliberately. This is a game of sub-consciousness. You touch your face – the other person will touch his face. You set your hair while having a conversation – the other person will do the same.

4) Smile and Laughter

Both of these are awesome for getting close to someone. If someone likes you, he or she will smile a lot at your jokes and occasionally, may even burst a loud laughter in the open atmosphere.

5) The Significance of ‘Touch’

How to know if someone likes you? They will try to come close and touch you. By ‘touch’, they may try to touch your hands, face, and cheeks – there is no hard and fast rule.

Touching helps bring two people to come closer.

6) Remembering Important Events

If people like someone, they will remember important dates, events and key features of a person. Don’t be surprised when someone tells you that you have a dental appointment on Friday or that your frame of glasses looks changed.

If someone likes someone, they will note small details.

7) They Will Help You

Regardless of where they are, if someone likes you, they will make time for you and help you out with your problems. No matter, whether you confide in them personally or post your problems on social media, they will quickly try to help you and show appreciation that you got rid of your problem.

8) Finding Excuses to Be with You

They will spend more and more time with you – why? Because they like you. They may tease you on social media, come with a surprise party invitation or offer their help in upcoming exams – their goal would be to spend more and more time with you.

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