7 Things To Know About Clip-In Hair Extensions

Russian blonde hair bundles

Clip in hair extensions is the best choice for a beginner. They are also least costly compared to other extensions. You can purchase Russian blonde hair bundles and clip them to your natural hair to get the desired voluminous look. You can transform your look with these hair extensions.

Thin hair is not a problem anymore as more and more people are using clip in hair extensions. These are temporary extensions, and most stylists recommend using clip in hair extensions. You can go for any type of hair, even the blonde curly extensions because there is a wide variety of these extensions.

Benefits of Using Clip-In Extensions

They are various benefits and plus points of a clip in hair extensions. They are the easiest to apply and remove. You can even remove them every night before going to sleep. They acquire very low maintenance. Even the Russian blonde hair bundles are almost damaged free. These extensions are temporary. You can get rid of them if you do not like them. There also the least costly.

They are the most economical option which you can find in the market. The best part about clip in extensions is that you can only apply the extensions to some portions of your hair. You can examine the parts of your head which are least voluminous.

About Clip-In Extensions

  1. Clip in extensions attaches to your natural hair using a sensitive clip. This is not a very time-consuming method, and you do not need a professional to do it. You can apply as many clips as you want. You can go for 8 pieces to 10 pieces extensions, depending on your need.
  2. Each strand of the clip in extensions can cost you around $12. While the professional permanent extensions can cost you around $1,000. These clip in extensions can cost around $400 for a full head.
  3. If you have short hair, you can go for 6 to 10 inches long clip in extensions. But if you have medium length hair, you can choose from 11 to 14 inches long extensions. If you have very long hair, you will need the clip in extensions which are almost 15 inches long.
  4. The clip in extensions come in a wide variety. You can go for human hair extensions or synthetic extensions.
  5. Human hair clip in extensions feels very natural and the last longer. These extensions can be styled using heating products. You can even color them whenever you want.
  6. Synthetic hair extensions are very cheap and they are not affected by the weather situation. This type of clip in hair extensions is best for special occasions. They are best for beginners because they give an idea of what it is like to wear extensions.
  7. Washing your extension is the easiest when you are using clip in extensions. It is because you can take them off and wash them separately in a wash basin. It is difficult to wash the extensions when they are still on your head. That is why the clip in extensions is the best choice.
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