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Top 6 SEO Myths That Are as Fantastical as A Unicorn

by John Smith
Best SEO Company

All our lives we live in a labyrinth of myths and misconceptions, that take birth from our fears and our thirst for achieving quick results. Similarly, with SEO, we have been caught up in plenty of baseless opinions, and tactics. It is hard and even impossible to achieve long-term results with the quicker methods.

However, in the search and greed of quick results, we will fancy living with these myths and misconceptions. We should at least be able to recognize them and steer away from any damage. Let’s start popping the bubble of SEO myths presented by best SEO company Long Island.

  1. Fill It Up With Keywords

Here is this widespread mistake of assuming that the more you stuff keywords into your content, the higher will be the chance of your website rankings. Wrong! The truth is far from it; Search engines determine the rankings looking at the topics instead of repeatedly used keywords. Your content should solely be for the readers and not for rankings.

  1. Backlinks Are The Backbone Of SEO

Backlinks are the only essential component of SEO. You must have heard this, but the fact is, it surely is important, but it solely is not important. When Google observed people wearing out backlinks, it made a shift to other factors. And now it focuses on many other things such as the type of business, its activeness on social media, etc.

  1. Backlinks Being Proportional To Rankings

Increasing the backlinks will increase your rankings. In reality, however, more than the number of the backlinks, the quality of the backlinks matter. The link from a high-quality website would be more beneficial than the one to a low-quality site. Also, it should be related to your industry.

  1. Register Your Site To Search Engines

It’s not you who has to go to the search engines, they find you, according to the best SEO company Long Island. In the past, you might have paid to the hosting company for SEO when you purchased a domain. Today, the search engines quickly hunt down new sites. It’s better to focus on building your company’s online presence and let the search engines do the rest.

  1. Hit On The Most Searched Keyword

Make use of and focus on the keyword that has been searched for widely?! Well, the true recipe for success here is focusing on the less competitive, long tail keywords, that people look for before making a purchase. This way you will easily pull in buyers towards yourself.

  1. Employing Meta Descriptions And Keywords

All of us have come across the ‘Meta descriptions and keywords are essential’ phrase. And guess what Google has been ignoring meta descriptions and keywords for a long time now. If you exploit or abuse them, they can prove to be harmful to your website instead. The meta descriptions are bit important for conversions, but the search engines ignore this field. However, they are displayed in the search engines when your site appears. You can use it to attract the prospective visitors but do not stuff it with keywords.

These were few of the top myths that we gathered from best SEO company Long Island, these would be beneficial to you as paying the damage of wrong misconceptions would be greater than the profit from quick, but small results.

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