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5 Things Your Bedroom Is Lacking and You Need to Fix It

by Adrianna Rolfson

1. Hidden Storage

Are you one of those people who love stocking up on things like me? Or make your room a complete mess whenever getting ready to go out? Yes? I knew it.

So have you ever encountered a situation when someone probably one of your friends from the hangout come over to your place uninvited after that hangout and you are all worried about your dirty clothes lying on the floor, your makeup all scattered on the dressing table and the shoes you just tried on scattered on the floor?

If that’s the case, then hidden storages like an attached drawer under your bed or a hidden storage in that ottoman is the best rescue for you! Whenever someone’s coming over uninvited, quickly rush to your room and throw all the mess in the hidden storage, no one would even get a hint of the hurricane before that rainbow which they are seeing. Nice save right?

Also, if your hidden storages are already filled with too much stuff, it’s time to throw away stuff that’s not needed. You can use a junk removal South Florida services too for that.

2. Air Purifying Plants

We all love plants but the perception that plants should only be placed in the garden is somewhat out of fashion now and do you know why? Because people have figured it out that these plants are a blessing when kept in the house like there are few plants that are known to detoxify the air in your surrounding and provide you clean air and a better ambiance to aid in sleeping calmly. They are called air purifying plants and the cutest of them are Barberton daisy, Chrysanthemum and Viper’s bowstring hemp. Adding these would mean comfort and décor both.

3. Sufficient Lighting

Lighting is a hygiene factor as highlighted by Herzberg in his theory and I totally agree with him on this part. Like don’t you think that if you have an amazing bed room designed by a well know interior designer but if it doesn’t have the perfect lighting, it will be a major turn off? Like I spent thousands of dollars to create this heaven and why isn’t it visible in my photographs?

Remember picture quality is complemented by the lighting! Good lighting would enhance the complete look of the room and will surely help you take pictures that are worth putting up as your profile pictures. Oh! Being a makeup addict how can I forget makeup? Good lighting is equals to a good makeup look too. So make sure you don’t compromise on your glam look!

4. Comfortable Rugs

Do you find it hard to get out of your cozy blanket in winters? Everyone does. In that case I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t even like to get out of the warm blanket and put your feet on that cold wooden floor and get hit by the reality instantly. Wouldn’t you rather prefer to put your feet on a plush rug which prepares your mind to wake you up and start the day rather than getting hit by the reality the very next moment when you stand up from the bed? Plus, they look super cute and furry!

5. A Personal Touch

Your bedroom is a place whose comfort level cannot be matched with any place. Like does it happen with you that after a vacation when you get back home and enter your bedroom you naturally become very relaxed and happy and all that tiredness goes away? So how about making this place speak for itself that it’s your bedroom? This could be done by adding a little personal touch to it like adding photo frames or quotes that motivate you.

Again, it’s important to regularly remove stuff that’s not needed and for that, a junk removal palm beach county service. will come handy.

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