What Is Reflexology and How It Works

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Energy healing is an alternative way for you to get into the relaxation phase after an absolutely packed day at work. Reflexology is one of the common ways through which any modern integrative healing center will attempt to relieve you off of the stress that you had been burdening your head with.

What Is Reflexology?

The method through which the meridian lines in the bodies are used to interconnect the body and its optimal function is loosened and opened up is called reflexology. As the name suggests, the method is all about creating a reflex response from the body because you are attempting to bring spiritual refreshment through a physical mean.

Foot reflexology is one of the most famous ways through which the channels of energy transmission in the body are opened up. The Chinese emphasized how there were 3 stress points on the foot of humans, and twirling and pressing those points with sufficient pressure can create a relaxing feeling. These points include pressure points for:

  • The thyroid
  • The Adrenal glands
  • The kidneys

Why Does It Work?

Explaining scientifically how these seemingly primitive methods work in modern times may not be that simple, but they do work. That is the reason why integrative distance energy healing centers have regular customers who are willing to pay for hour-long massage therapies which involve foot reflexology in a calm environment.

The idea is to give time to yourself and feel freed up. There is no alternative to foot-wear if you wish to walk safely, but humans were not created to have their feet covered all the time. This is the reason why coming back home and taking off your shoes has an immensely pleasing feeling about it; you return to your natural state of order. And as science has repeatedly shown, a body returning to its natural order frees energy and relaxes.

How Are the Pressure Points Connected?

When the ancient Egyptians began reflexology as the main method of relieving oneself from physical pains and mental stress, they probably did not think as far into its use as we do. Modern science has told us that the human body, down to each of its decipherable components, consists of a number of individual systems working in synchrony with each other.

The pressure points on the foot can physically be traced back to the aforementioned points in the body, which is why applying gentle and easing pressure to it has a calming effect. This can be understood more clearly by another example of a shoe. When you wear one, you cannot touch your foot, and its movement is highly restricted. So in the therapies offered by integrative healing centers, you find a way to access what lies inside from the outside without creating any disruption in the human body. This generates a reflux in the body, as a result of which you start to relax and your mind becomes less strenuous.

The more you learn about the human body, the more fascinating it gets, and the more you realize just how many surprises you are full of.

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