Top Things You Should Know About Qigong

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Qigong, pronounced as Chee-Kung is a Chinese exercise system that incorporates different breathing methods with the aim of getting the energy flowing through the body. Described as a daily five to twenty-five minutes’ routine, Qigong possesses many health benefits for your physical, emotional, and mental health.  In fact, the powerful technique has the abilities to strengthen your cognitive performance, lessen stress, and increase vitality over time.

Is Qigong a Recent Trend in Chinese Medicine?

No, the ancient and versatile mindful movement practice has been around for more than five thousand years.  However, the trend recently became quite popular when yoga studios, as well as famous psychic healers, began training for the same to enhance relaxation in the minds and body of their clients.

Similar to Taichi, meditation, and yoga – Qigong is an art that can be practiced by anyone – regardless of their age and fitness level.

The Qigong Techniques

To newbies, Qigong usually seems similar to Tai chi and yoga. And although there are several resemblances between the Chinese practice – there is a visible difference too. Firstly, Tai chi is considered a type of martial art. It is also difficult to learn. On the other hand, qigong is relatively easy and includes both – physical and mental workout to focus exclusively on the healing phenomenon.

In a traditional setting, the Qigong learners initially practice the physical movements combined with breathing exercises. Next, a different set of postures and movements is included in the program that is called the sitting meditation. Similar to yoga, the sitting meditation strengthens limbs and increases energy. Additionally, the technique can and cannot include guided imagery or visualization to achieve the healing goals.

The Types of Qigong

Although, the Qigong can be classified into many different types – the below three are the primary categories of the Chinese healing system.

  1. Medical Qigong

As the name suggests, medical qigong is practiced to enhance your health and relieve you from pain. The Qigong exercises can be practiced at your home as well as in a clinical setting occasionally.

  1. Martial Qigong

This type of Qigong focuses on enhancing your physical skill. Simply put, if you become a marital qigong practitioner, you can easily break bricks, bend wires and even put sharp items on vulnerable parts of your body without harming yourself.

  1. Spiritual Qigong

Unlike medical and martial qigong, the spiritual form of qigong enables you to become more aware of the present moment. Best energy healers who practice this type of qigong are able to control their mind, body, and spirit at a greater level than others are.

How Can You Benefit from Qigong?

Several pieces of research suggest that Qigong, as well as the art of tai chi, are beneficial for the following:

  • High blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Osteoporosis
  • Chronic pain
  • Weak immune system
  • Reduced bone density
  • Inflammation
  • Poor cognitive performance

Above all, the Chinese healing exercises improve the overall quality of your life.

Should You Try Qigong?

Of course, yes! The art has worked wonders for many and millions of Chinese swear by the technique. Most people find it enjoyable also. However, you have to practice and give it a try to see how it works for you. To include the healing powers of qigong in your daily life, search for famous psychic healers and experience the magic of the Chinese art.

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