6 Unusual Things to Do in Paris with Car Service from CDG


When you think about vacationing in Paris, the places which instantly come to your mind are the Eiffel Tower, The louver gallery, The Sienne river and the Disney Land. Sure, these are great places to visit, but what to do after you are done with these places?

Paris is a city which is full of culture, heritage, and history. It is a city full of romance and many hidden places to explore. It is a city where you can do activities 24/7 and never get bored. Once you land at the airport, you can hire a car service from CDG to Paris and explore the endless possibilities and unusual things to do listed below.

  1. Rue Cremieux

Explore the colorful side of Paris which is unknown by the tourists. This is a small stretch of the city with colorful houses. These are beautiful rainbow-colored houses that you will feel are out of a fairy tale and would love to stroll this area.

  1. Galeries Lafayette

Amidst the expensive tourist’s resorts and restaurants, you will be astonished to find great culture and heritage, free of cost in the heart of Paris. It is a high-end department store but with 3 free activities. Firstly, you can enjoy the beautiful and intricately structured glass dome form the 19th-century era. Then you can enjoy a half an hour French fashion show and then in the last look at the free view of the entire city of Paris from the terrace which is open in summers only. It is best to hire a car service from CDG to Paris to explore different places of Paris.

  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Want to experience the whole of Paris from high up in the sky, then this balloon ride is for you. It is an exciting ride and you will feel a little dizzy at first but will start enjoying it as it goes high up in the sky and you can view everything.

  1. Window Shopping in The Palais Royal

Entering this area, you will feel as if you have entered the Paris that was 200 years ago. With high-end boutiques and shopping arcades, you will see French gowns, gloves, shoes, hats, exquisite jewelry and other stuff. You might not buy anything due to expensive stuff but you will love exploring this area.

  1. Île St. Louis

This street is a must visit a place with local French cuisines and cafes and parks and cultural streets. You will see a lot of local Parisians there and can enjoy a whole day strolling around and trying local foods from different cafes.

  1. Visit A Local Funfair

If you are in Paris for summers then you can visit a carnival or funfair and enjoy different rides, fats food from different stalls and connect with the locals. It is advisable to hire a car service from CDG to Paris and have a good time at the funfair.

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