Top Seven DJI Osmo Action Accessories for You

You probably don’t have a GoPro if you’re not one to go for mainstream products. Rather, you may have the DJI Osmo Action, the worthy opponent of GoPro. You need to obtain the right equipment to get the most out of your camera.

Here are the nine best DJI Osmo Action accessories for you to obtain these wonderful photos and movies. So, before you look for a drone services company, let’s start!


To operate your camera, you’ll need to have a battery. Although it comes with one already, you couldn’t hurt having a charging extra one. So, you can put other batteries on without any stunning photos if your old battery is lacking.

Car Mount with Suction Cup

You’ll want a good ole suction cup vehicle mount if you’re going on lots of drives. The mount allows you to rotate the camera at whatever angle you choose.

So, this allows you to capture all the nice photos you desire without worrying about losing the camera. Or, your arm in case you first thought of manually holding the camera out of the window to film some spectacular angles.

Adhesive Mount Kit

You want an adhesive mount kit if your Osmo Action lives up to its name. So, you can carry this bad boy wherever with you with the amount in place.

Backpack Strap Holder

You want to go hands-free, but you don’t want your valuable camera to be damaged? Then purchase a holder for the backpack! This attachment enables you to clip your DJI Osmo Action and release it easily anytime you want. Even if you’re full of hands, you can video all of your wild experiences.

Red Filter

The first color of the floor is red. You can’t record those beautiful vivid images you wanted when you dive without it. That’s why nearly all cameras struggle to capture nice submarine films.

However, the answer is easy. Add to the front of the lens a red filter! This little filter relives, almost like magic, washed-out underwater footage. I’ll no longer give off my filter (as I am a diver who loves to film his underwater adventures).

Waterproof Case

Let’s speak about water; let’s continue! The DJI Osmo Action will take you to 36 feet without a case if you enjoy the beach and swim. If you want to go farther, you may travel down to 60 meters in a waterproof casing with no compromise in your images.

Downside: DJI hasn’t yet launched its submarine. It’s awkward but a real question. Additional producers have used slow-moving DJIs and created an underwater housing that can reach depths up to 45 meters. So, it’s sufficient even for most expert divers. You can also search for “aerial inspection drone” besides submarine.

ND Filter Set

Four ND filters are available in the package, which enables you to take astounding images. You may tinker with them and create long-lasting effects on your photographs to acquire some very unusual photos.

And virtually every scenery looks better if the ND filter is filmed (keyword motion blur). Would you want to know more and what do they do regarding ND filters? So, this is our ND filter guide.


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