6 Best Productivity Tool You Will Want To Use During Your Online Meetings

In 2021, meetings will be a necessary evil. Meetings have become more of a problem these days than a solution. Companies spend about 15% of their time in meetings, and individuals in more senior positions spending 50% of their time meeting with their team members. It is estimated that 37% of meeting time is wasted, adding no value to the organization or its operations.

For team leaders and project managers looking to improve their organization’s meeting productivity, we’ve compiled a list of the best online conferencing tool available. These meeting tools may help any group make the most of their meeting time, whether they gather in person or just online.

#1. The Most Effective Meeting Tool – Hive

Hive has everything managers need for a successful and productive meeting as an all-in-one project management software. Users may use the built-in email connection to plan meetings, use forms to gather meeting topics from their team members, submit agenda papers, and even meet face-to-face through video.

#2. The Most Effective Meeting Coordination Tool – Calendly

Calendly has truly distinguished itself as an online meeting tool to be reckoned with—anyone who has tried to schedule a meeting with collaborators (all of whom have busy schedules) knows how difficult it is to get everyone in the same place at the same time for a meeting knows how difficult it can be.

#3. The Most Effective Task Management Tool – nTask

A collection of meeting management tools is one of nTask’s many helpful features. It may help anybody from instructors to students managing student groups to corporate project managers. Any meeting planner may use nTask to invite guests from a single platform, then share an agenda and a meeting plan with them.

nTask is a meeting tool that also makes follow-ups and recurring syncs a breeze. This helps to eliminate any possible communication problems while also laying out clear subsequent actions.

#4. Appointment Scheduling Software At Its Finest – 10to8

On a cloud-based platform, 10to8 is a prominent application that lets businesses plan appointments and book meetings. This is ideal for any company that needs to schedule appointments regularly. This application may help you schedule appointments or meetings without worrying about overlapping or forgetting customers.

#5. The Most Effective Interactive Communication Tool – Sliding

Many meeting participants are afraid of facing retaliation from their employers or being judged by their coworkers. Slido is an innovative meeting tool that fosters a more comfortable atmosphere for free discussion, resulting in more productive meetings. Polls may also be used by the meeting leader to engage their audience and colleagues.

Best of all, users may select whether or not they want their participation to be anonymous, allowing for a more open and constructive conversation.

#6. Meetings Are Best Transcribed Using This Software – Notiv

Notiv is a revolutionary meeting technology that allows you to record, transcribe, and automate meeting actions. By using Notiv’s tool for pre-meeting prep, you can guarantee that meetings are productive. This meeting tool also transcribes, records, and highlights key moments in your session so you can refer back to them later.

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