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SEO Trends In 2018 – What You Should Be Aware Of?

by John Smith

With 2018 up ahead, the world of digital advertisement is gaining new leaps and bounds. Inversely, this is affecting SEO and helping information on new trends.

The following article is dedicated towards the new trends of SEO in 2018 keeping in mind an average SEO agency in Los Angeles:

Key -> Original, In-Depth Content

In near future, the key to generating a good website will depend on its ability to form original content. Already the websites of ‘World Wide Web’ are getting saturated with plagiarism and it is only fair that such contents should be created which would be in-depth in nature.

In near future, the demand for good content writers will increase – those who will be able to create mind capturing content.

Going Mobile

Nearly 50% of people access the web through their smartphones and laptops. The trend of going mobile in most websites have already surfaced.

You need a cross-platform website which would be able to differentiate the opening of a website on a traditional computer and on a smartphone.

Say Hello To Voice Search

You know what they say “more sugar leads to more sweetness”

An emerging trend is coming into the world of websites through which people are able to search their queries on voice search platform.

The ‘4 W’s of voice has found out that 55% of teens use voice search at least once a day’

Trusted Backlinks

In the good old days, websites used to adopt the trend of having the most backlinks. They believed that quantity is greater than quality.

Nowadays, it has been found out that the trend is gradually shifting. In order to build up formidable security credentials, you don’t need thousands of backlinks to websites.

What you need is authenticity – what one website with good reputations can do to your website can be more effective than thousands with dubious origins

Speed Does Matter

It has been found out that nearly 50% people will close the website if it fails to open in 3 seconds.

Talking with respect to search engine optimization, speed is crucial to generating traffic. Make sure you do not load up your website with useless content.

And even, if you do have lots of HD videos and images, what you need is optimization of your WordPress package.

Scope Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has started to dominate in most computer fields. It is only fair that the influx of machine learning makes their way into the prestigious world of websites.

Software such as have emerged which can change the descriptions of tags and meta tags. Due to artificial intelligence, an employer would save potential money as well as get real-time and accurate results which would help him/her to develop a better marketing strategy.

In near future, however; this may give rise to problems such as saturation and trying of all the ways to improve SEO.

But you know what they say, there are no limits to the human mind. Therefore, it is expected to see lots of miracles in the fields of computational IT.

If you need SEO help, contact a professional SEO agency in Los Angeles to get best services.

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