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When Should You Get Testosterone Therapy?

Testosterone therapy is a special treatment for people who don’t have enough testosterone in their bodies and are having problems because of it.

Testosterone therapy is like a medicine that can help increase the amount of testosterone in the body. Testosterone is a special thing for boys, especially for their body changes when they grow up. 

But when boys become men, their testosterone can go down and cause some problems. Before going anywhere like testosterone therapy in Los Angeles, think about the risks first.

This article will talk about what are the roles testosterone plays in the body and when this treatment might be a good idea, 

What Is Testosterone and What Role It Plays in The Body?

Testosterone is a special substance made in boys’ and men’s testicles, and in girls’ and women’s ovaries. It helps their bodies grow and change in certain ways, like making boys’ voices deeper, growing hair on their bodies, and building their muscles. 

Girls and women also need testosterone to keep their bones and muscles strong, and to help their bodies develop.

The Normal Range of Testosterone Levels for Men and Women

According to mountsinai, the normal amount of testosterone in boys and men is usually between 300 to 1,000, while in girls and women, it is usually between 15 to 70.

The Symptoms of Low Testosterone Levels

If someone has too little testosterone, they may have trouble with things like sex drive, feeling tired, and losing muscle or bone strength. This can happen to boys, men, girls, and women.

When Testosterone Therapy May Be Necessary?

Sometimes, men can experience a problem where their body doesn’t have enough of a special thing called testosterone. This can make it hard for them to feel excited about having sex, enjoy sex, or even have an orgasm.

If a doctor checks and finds out that a man really does have low testosterone levels, they might give him something called testosterone therapy. 

This is a kind of medicine that can help boost his testosterone levels and make him feel better. You should know that this medicine can have side effects. 

Testosterone Therapy Options

Sometimes, doctors give medicine called “testosterone therapy” to people who don’t have enough testosterone in their bodies. There are a few different ways to get this medicine, including:


A doctor will give you a shot of testosterone once every few weeks. This way gives you a consistent amount of the medicine over time but can cause ups and downs in the level of testosterone in your body.


You put this medicine on your skin every day. It gives you a steady amount of testosterone, but can be more expensive and might take longer to work.


These are like stickers that you put on your skin every day. They slowly release testosterone into your body. However, they can be expensive and might make your skin irritated.


These are small pieces of medicine that a doctor puts under your skin every few months. They give you a steady amount of testosterone, but the procedure to put them in can be painful and expensive.


If someone has low testosterone and is experiencing problems, like lack of energy or sex drive, they can get help from testosterone therapy in Los Angeles or somewhere they prefer.

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