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Where to Store Your Belongings Before Moving In

by John Smith
storage and moving company
storage and moving company

The main advantage of using self-storage is you can access your items anytime. Self-storage units also provide security features like passcode gate access.

Moving to a new home can be an exciting but stressful time. Finding a place to store your belongings before you can move them into your new home is an important step to ensure a smooth transition. 

This guide will provide tips on the best storage and moving company options to safely store your items during this in-between time.

Self-Storage Units

Self storage is one of the most popular choices for storing belongings before moving in to a new home. These storage facilities provide secure, climate-controlled units in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. 

The main advantage of using self-storage is you can access your items anytime. Self-storage units also provide security features like passcode gate access and security cameras. When researching self-storage, look for clean, well-lit facilities with onsite managers.

Renting a Truck or Trailer

If you don’t have too many items to store, renting a truck, van, or trailer can be a flexible option. This allows you to pack your belongings and keep them at your current home. When moving day arrives, simply load up the truck and go. 

The downside is having to safely park the loaded truck somewhere. Make sure your homeowner’s insurance covers your items inside. Also factor in costs like rental fees, gas and insurance.

Ask Trusted Friends or Family

For some, asking friends or family to store boxes in a basement, garage or spare room can be ideal. This option means your items are safe with someone you know versus a commercial storage. Be sure to ask politely, offer to pay them and detail how long you’ll need to store belongings. 

Gifting something like a restaurant gift card can show your gratitude. Just be mindful not to overwhelm someone’s space.

storage and moving company

Use Your Moving Company’s Storage

Many moving companies today offer storage options along with their moving services. This can be a convenient option to have both moving and storage bundled together. 

Ask your mover upfront what storage services they offer. Key things to find out are storage fees, where items will be stored and insurance/security measures. Some movers may store belongings in their own warehouse while others use third-party storage centers.

Tips for Packing Items for Storage

How you pack your belongings will impact how well they endure a storage period. Here are tips to make sure they stay protected:

  • Clearly label all boxes by room and contents. This makes finding things easier later.
  • Seal boxes securely with packing tape to keep out moisture, pests or dust.
  • Wrap fragile items very carefully in bubble wrap or packing paper. Mark the box “Fragile” in big letters.
  • Use furniture pads on the corners of furniture to prevent scuffs or tears.
  • Consider renting climate-controlled storage if storing furniture for over 1 month. This controls humidity and prevents mold.
  • Do not store anything perishable! Remove all food items from boxes and refrigerators.
  • Make an inventory list of boxes and keep photos of expensive electronics. This provides proof if you need to file an insurance claim.
  • Avoid storing important documents, heirlooms or valuables. Keep these with you or in a safe deposit box.

Storing Your Belongings Securely is Key

Moving to a new home while simultaneously storing your belongings can feel stressful. Hopefully, these storage tips provide you with some options to securely store your items during the transition period. 

Proper planning and researching storage choices for your specific needs is time well spent. Partnering with a reputable storage and moving company brings peace of mind. With the right storage, you can focus on the excitement of your new home ahead!

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